Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness

Dedicated to the Mozambique Crash families
a poem by George Hatcher
These days are nights.
The light is gone.
rolling on my sleeping mat
but dreams are welcome as you visit me
from the land beyond
where time has stopped

Stopped for you,
but not me.
I get to dream your face
a halo of pure light
I will look for you in the dawn
Your face in the clouds.
Your memory
is these rooms and sky;
these walls.
these trees.
You are everywhere.

Like a shadow cast in gold
Your life surrounds me.
Why, how,
when I can not see
your form,
why, how, are you
Touching me still

…in the heart
The soul
That holds your shape
your memory so dear
so close

Remote but adjacent.
Separate but contiguous
Like sleeping spoons in sleep eternal
Yet I can turn my head and see you there
Still living in the corner of my eye
still beside me
Waiting for sunset.
And another sometime visit
in the land of dreams.