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Storms Pass

Storms Pass

Dedicated to grieving families
a poem by George Hatcher

They say that into every life, rain must fall.
Storms rage, and leave us alone with nowhere to turn,
nowhere to look for help.
But that is an illusion.

…if we look,
when we look,
there is always a guiding light,
whatever you call it.
There is always the silver lining in the clouds,
that something that helps us go on.
Even when we mourn those we lost

…our loved ones are always with us in the light.
In the light of hope,
of life,
of memory.
Every minute shines on,
casting light where there would be shadow.

Shine on.
Shine from your heart.
The source of all hope

…To stand on the mountain of all our yesterdays,
it takes strength to look forward,
to the future.