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Guiding Light

We Celebrate You

Dedicated to the Nepal Crash families
a poem by George Hatcher

The mountains of Nepal,
the soaring size, the jagged peaks, the alpine glaciers.
They are no taller, no sharper, no colder than our spirits
now that you are gone.
We smile through the pain
the sharp peaks like razors in our soul.
We search for the guiding light.
We are stronger because we love,

and love is never lost.
It is the minted gold that makes life shine.
Life goes on.
We are better having known you,
having had you for a time.

We will, with time, let go of the pain;
but we are forever stronger for having known you.
You are the bedrock that makes us. . .

strong. You are free of pain and strife.
Your voice is in our hearts,
you are every dance, every song, every feast, every prayer.
You are every victory over demons.
You are the good of the world.
The plane may have ended in a mountainside,
but now you are with us always, and everywhere.

The mountain air is crisp and free… and we breathe you in.

We remember and we celebrate your lives.